Whether investing in a new concern or expanding the existing business; and independent expert like AQSS Business Services Ltd. can provide a wide range of business services.

1. Investment Opportunities:

Rate of failure for new small businesses is approximately 70% to 80% in the first year; AQSS business services ltd. customized services in accordance with the needs and demand of the business hence minimizing any such non-success.

2. Promotion of Small Businesses:

AQSS Business Services Ltd. provides comprehensive promotional services via internet, direct mail, invoices, business cards, advertising campaigns and personal visits.

3. Consultancy and Specialized Training in Customer Relationship Management:

There is a dire need in today’s business world to particularly enhance the image of the business through exceptional customer care services with a smile. AQSS Business Services Ltd. seeks to assure this with professional training.

4. Entrepreneurship:

AQSS Business Services Ltd. understands that each business and entrepreneur is unique; therefore executive solutions are also provided for business management such as those involving company formation and setup or franchise management.

Our extensive range of services also covers:

1. Strategic Business Planning for Growth and Expansion
2. Assisting clients with Business Plan Implementationbr
3. Identifying or redefining the Target Market
4. Competitive Analysis and Pricing Strategies
5. Creative Design for Website and Print
6. Corporate Branding, Advertising and Marketing Campaigns
7. Franchise Development and Sales
8. Financing for Growth